Why Mizo?

Mizo CBD Drink Mix is Made from Hemp
Mizo CBD Drink Mix is Lab Tested
Mizo CBD Drink Mix is 100% THC Free
Mizo CBD Drink Mix is made in the USA

The Singles

Sometimes all you need is a handy and perfectly measured 20mg dose of Hemp CBD. The Singles are great for beginners searching for the best dose or those on the go. And you know what’s even better, they are easy to carry around and simple to unpack. All you need to do is tear off the top label and pour it into your drink, and You have your CBD drink Mix. Think of it as your friendly CBD rescue option. How about you give it a go right now?

Mizo CBD Drink Mix 20mg Single
Mizo CBD Drink Mix 500mg Scooper

The Scooper

So you like your CBD a certain way, you want to be in charge of how much you consume. The Scooper is great for value for those that know want to measure their own doses. That’s right, you can fetch from it until you hit the right concentration. Every scoop delivers 20mg servings of Your CBD drink mix, just the way you like it

Whats wrong with todays CBD products?

Squirting oil in your mouth is so ridiculous the word "Tinctures" has to be used. Besides these products being generally expensive, manufacturers leave the dosing math up to you. "So this 30ml bottle has 1000mg of CBD per what?" Even if you figure out how many mg per ml, you're left with a bottle dropper, which is very inconsistent.

When you are in need for the effects of Hemp CBD one of the last things you probably want to do is eat a bunch of sugary candy. Although it is nice that gummies have a set mg, CBD is oil and has a hard time soaking into your system. By the time your body breaks down the gelatin the CBD is encased in, guess where it is in your digestive system.

The disadvantages to vaping CBD is pretty obvious; messy, expensive & inconvenient. To be fair, vaping is a quick way to get CBD into your system, however it is almost impossible to get a uniform dose. Not only that, it is very difficult to consume high doses without puffing away for an hour.

Mizo CBD Drink Mix is Flavorless

What If You Could Add CBD To Your Favorite Drink?

Our isolate based, water-soluble CBD product easily mixes into your favorite drinks and has up to 10x better absorption in the stomach than CBD oil. It’s derived from organically grown hemp using CO2 extraction and retains a broad-spectrum of natural compounds, but contains 0.0% THC.

Mizo provides significantly higher bioavailability, and thus more potency per gram. It’s also more versatile than oil-based hemp extracts, allowing you to easily incorporate your CBD into almost anything, including protein shakes, juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea, baked goods, frozen goods, or simply added to a glass of water.

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