About Us


We offer the most advanced technology and techniques to produce Mizo from 100% US grown hemp. All the hemp is organically grown and non GMO.


Everyone should have access to a high-quality CBD resource to carve out a healthy stress free life for themselves and those they love. Providing the Best water soluble CBD to people around the world is a revolutionary step toward creating better access to high-quality health delivery. For many communities, however, the expectations have fallen short of reality.
That is where the team at Mizo believes that a real difference in people’s lives can be made. By offering affordable access to high-quality product, you can build upon this foundation to create a life that is rich in opportunities.

Who We Are

We are entrepreneurs with many years in the vapor / electronic cigarette industry. We have been on the front lines of selling CBD since its boom a few years ago. The products on the market have served the niche market, but now that CBD is going mainstream there has been a major void in innovation. Not only is Mizo a superior product, but we understand retail and distribution. Our products like the are made to perfection, packed professionally, and can never be confused with a placebo. The CBD market is growing up. Its time for brands to do the same.

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