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Wouldn’t you like to earn money in your sleep? If the answer is yes, then it is time to leverage on our affiliate program. Here is an opportunity to integrate our sales links into your platform and earn handsomely for every customer you refer.

With this arrangement, you can benefit tremendously by selling Mizo’s products on your site or the sites you control. You receive a financial incentive for every customer who comes to us through the links placed on your site.

5 Reasons To Be A Mizo Affiliate

Be Your Own Boss

The wealthiest people in the world have multiple streams of income. But what they don’t tell you is the majority of their income streams come through commissions from the sheer volume of their affiliate marketing engagements. This means that they are getting paid by tons of companies like Mizo, by simply sharing links and redirecting customers.

Free Of Costs

Becoming an affiliate for Mizo Corporation is Free! Yes, all you need to do to begin this profitable journey is to follow the instructions below.


Imagine having your own schedule and your own timelines. That is what the affiliate lifestyle at Mizo is all about.

No Stock

As a Mizo affiliate, you have no need to worry about storage or stocking. All you do is send high intent traffic our way.

Work From Anywhere in the World

Working from an office is good, but what’s better is working from any place of your choosing.

How To Become An Affiliate

  • Sign up with your name, email address and PayPal email (if your email address and PayPal email are different).
  • Your information will be received on the back end the system and a unique affiliate link will be generated and emailed to you.
  • Start sharing the link on all your platforms including sites, blogs, comments, emails, text messages and all social media platforms. We track the cookies on your referrals, and you will be credit for any resulting sales.
  • Whenever someone clicks on your link ad, and makes a purchase from Mizo, you receive 30% commission. For example, if you someone buys a $50 product, you get a $15 commission.
  • Once the commissions add up to $50 the money is automatically transferred into your PayPal account.

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We do not tolerate spam, so be cautious about how you promote your affiliate link. Offenders will be blacklisted.

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