The Scooper - 500mg


The Scooper - 500mg

So, you like your CBD a certain way, you want to be in charge of how much you consume. The Scooper has a total of 500mg and is a great value for those that want to measure their own dose. Packed with 25 servings, you can fetch from it until you hit the right concentration. Every scoop delivers 20mg servings, just the way you like it.


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Where Can You Use Them

  • In hot beverages: Pour your hot drink into a cup, mix in the desired amount of Mizo and stir well.
  • In Cold Beverages: Pour your cold drink into a glass first then add the desired amount of Mizo and stir well. You can also add Mizo to a bottle of water or flavored drink and shake well. 
  • Everything Else: Mizo’s water soluble drink mix can go into anything. Foods, smoothies, baked goods, you name it! No special preparation is required to unlock the benefits of this highly bio-available hemp extract.


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You already drink to quench your thirst.
Now use Mizo to give yourself greater peace of mind about your health.

Cold Drinks

Great for quick delivery.

Add Mizo to Gatorade Powerade Vitamin Water

Sport Drinks

Perfect for on the go

Add Mizo to your coffee or tea

Coffee & Tea

Sip and enjoy

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